Sarasota Professional Life Coach

The Sarasota professional life coach is one of the people who can help you overcome life problems and achieve personal fulfillment. Whenever you feel beaten and taken down, Tammy Barnett is here to instill new power into you. Through individual and group coaching, she hopes to help as many people as possible in her attempt to promote a happy life.

How can you fulfill your dreams?

It depends on the dream, and it also depends on your willingness to do what you must. Most importantly, your resilience and strength of character are essential, especially when faced with tough situations. As a life coach, I aim to give you a slight nudge in the right direction and emotional support whenever you need it.

When you believe your life is over or you have no idea what you should do next, a one-on-one session with me will change your perspective. There are many people out there who lack a general purpose in life, a direction to follow with all their might, something to call their lifeline. This happens for a variety of reasons – stress, anxiety, personal failures, frustration, and so on. My job is to help you overcome these inhibitors and show you your life's worth.

The expertise of a life coach

Besides the certification I have as a life coach, I have also conducted studies in Addiction and Recovery, Relationships, and Holistic Health and Wellness. Moreover, I am knowledgeable about Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, which helps me deal with more particular situations.

Throughout my experiences with people from all walks of life, I have come to one conclusion – life is not hopeless. It's not hopeless when someone you love dies, and it's not hopeless when you lose your job either. Each of us holds tremendous potential within ourselves, and we have the power to overcome anything life throws at us. My job is to unearth that potential and show you the way forward.

The importance of hiring a life coach

First, if you want me to help you, you must undergo a complimentary consultation. Just contact me on my phone, and clarify your questions and uncertainties. You will come to know what the Sarasota professional life coach can do for you.

As a potential patient, you need to know what to expect from our experiences together, and how I can help you exactly. The other way around is also true. I need to know what you're dealing with to better help you.

How much does it cost to hire a life coach?

There are three main packages you have to know about:

  • First Package – one session that lasts for 90 minutes, for $85
  • Second Package – two monthly sessions (90 minutes each), for $160
  • Third Package – One 50-minute session for $65

The Sarasota professional life coach will get you where you want to go with ease. I know exactly how to help you achieve your goals, and it's all a phone call away. Tammy Barnett can become the reason for your revitalization and continued happiness.

Sarasota Professional Life Coach

Tammy Barnett

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